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Remote Services

iGuard provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional security guards, doorman or concierge security for high rise communities.

Our well trained operators are able to interact one on one with visitors to your property via intercom, have visual contact through cameras, conduct patrols and much more.

Our state-of-the-art systems bring together the latest in video monitoring/analytics, access control, sensor monitoring and interactive video/voice communication.

We can replace, support or enhance the effectiveness of your current concierge or security services. 

  • Decrease your security costs by up to 50%.
  • More effective than having a security guard at your site.
  • Never sleeps.
  • Doesn’t require a break.
  • Doesn’t take sick days or vacations.
  • Can’t be intimidated by trespassers or criminals.
  • Monitor a large area quickly and safely.
  • Instant notification to a crime in progress.
  • Prevent vandalism and loitering.
  • Provides recorded and documented evidence of patrols and incidents.


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