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iGuard with its affiliates is the only company capable of providing a fully optimized end-to-end solution for front desk security and concierge services, allowing our staff to assist residents, leave the desk to make deliveries and run errands, all without compromising access control and the security of the building.

Concierge Services

We can achieve this through the perfect combination of technology and high quality personnel, which ensures there is always someone available to assist when required.

Virtual services will perform tasks that are typically time consuming or result in long absences from the desk, such as answering phone calls and providing access control. This will ensure that your onsite concierge is free to serve residents and greet visitors or contractors. Our virtual services will also cover the front desk when it is left unattended for staff to conduct tours, take breaks or assist property management.

Using two-way video/voice technology, enabled by functional and attractive state of the art Service-Kiosks, your Residents and guests will also enjoy the benefit of conversing with a real person at any time when at the desk.

WSC offers a fully integrated service, utilizing many staff to many events technology. This ensures that as many remote operators as necessary are available to assist residents, visitors or onsite concierge personnel.

Unlike traditional services, when onsite activity fluctuates, WSC remote operators can scale up or down immediately to meet demand. Our blended service offering will enhance the effectiveness of our onsite staff by creating synergies between onsite staff and remote personnel for seamless service delivery.


Workflow Application Software

Workflow Application Software

iGuard and its affiliates have invested heavily into the development of technology that will assist our onsite concierge and remote operators to perform their duties efficiently, while benefiting the client by providing consistency and accountability.

Our workflow application software (WAS) allows a common platform for the reporting of all onsite information, including maintenance reports, room bookings, elevator and loading dock bookings, key control, contractor logs, parking passes and incident reporting.

The WAS provides reporting and incident tracking capabilities and allows the ability to eliminate paper reporting.

The system has a notification and distribution model, so that important reports are not missed and includes tracking software to study trends and formulate statistics, graphs and/or event summaries. All report categories and incident types can be specified and customized for our clients’ needs.


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